10 Years of Saints Row, updated articles (+ plans for other stuff)

To commemorate the ten-year anniversary of one of my favorite game series, I have gone back and updated my old Saints Row articles to be slightly more readable and feature some information I originally forgot to include. Check them out starting from here.

Also for those of you waiting for the next part of the Pokemon article series, I haven’t forgotten about that. I just want the article to be as good as I possibly can make it, so it’s taking some time to materialize.

I also have other stuff in the works, such as a DOOM 2016 article (which is pretty far along, but I need better screenshots) and no less than three Let’s Plays (four if you count the KotOR SSLP I had to abandon last year and plan to continue at some point). I’m currently LPing GTA IV, which will be followed by Red Dead Redemption and the original Saints Row (possibly simultaneously). It’ll be a busy end of the year, I’ll say that much.

Oh yeah, the info in the banner is out of date and I should get around to changing that, as my Twitter handle is now @docmorbidSA. (SA, in this case, stands for Something Awful)

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