About 3rd Voice Gaming

Hello. I’m Mark, or DM, or whatever you want to call me. I post overly wordy nonsense about old and new video games and occasionally something else.

What, you want more than that? Well, all right, since you asked so nicely: I’m a translator — excuse me, language expert (because mere translators aren’t marketable enough these days) — living in the grim and frostbitten wasteland known to the world as Finland. Now, the stereotypes you hear about aren’t entirely true, as not all Finnish people are depressed alcoholics who hate everyone. I am happ–erm, vaguely pleased to report that most of us are only one or two of those things.

While I still play new games quite actively, my video game related interests mainly lie in retro gaming. I own a couple dozen video game consoles and handhelds, including most systems that matter and a few that don’t, and I’ve also dabbled on retro computing here and there. I have also created a little bit of content on YouTube — just a few Let’s Plays and other junk and I’m not exactly getting millions of views, but that’s how it goes.

More recently, I’ve taken something of a purist approach to videos and screenshots as well, which means capturing all of these games on original hardware and avoiding emulation if at all feasible. At the moment, I’m able to directly capture footage from any console and even a couple of handheld systems at 1080p/60fps or higher, using the highest quality video output possible in order to ensure a solid presentation.

As far as my articles are concerned, I’ve always tried to create the sort of content I personally would like to see. I love going into detail on subjects I’m interested in and want to talk about all the different aspects of these games, and that often means my articles are longer than is generally recommended (and also that I don’t update very often). If you’re here, though, chances are you want to see this kind of detailed breakdown, and I also have no intention of dumbing things down or posting a bunch of clickbait trash for page views. I’m aware I’m doing this for a niche audience (especially after I changed the site’s WordPress URL back in January 2018, seemingly causing this site to disappear from Google’s search results and drastically reducing page views), and that’s fine with me. Frankly, some of my older posts are somewhat embarrassing to look back on as I was completely half-assing things when I started out, but I’d like to think I’ve at least managed to improve enough to be vaguely decent at this.

Well, I’ve wasted enough of your time at this point. I hope you find something to enjoy on the site, and if you don’t… well, that’s fine too.

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