Welcome to Three Voices… I mean 3rd Voice Gaming!

Update (April 20): Just a small further modification to the name, because I am still figuring this whole media company thing out (and the same goes for my buddies). I wanted to emphasize the fact that while this site is a Three Voices Media affiliated project and everything I post here also goes on the company website, this is still very much my project just as it has been for the past five years. As the VP of 3VM I’m technically supposed to be the second voice, but due to my ongoing inferiority complex I chose to go with third.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Hello there, all you lovely folks, and welcome to Three Voices Gaming. Yes, Outer World Laboratories has entered its fifth year and gone through yet another rebranding, and this one should hopefully stick. Since my esteemed colleagues and I are finally getting our all-singing, all-dancing, all-new media company — known as Three Voices Media — off the ground, I figured that I might as well turn the Labs into our official gaming thingamabob and also rebrand my YouTube channel accordingly. Worry not, the content will remain the same as before, all that’s really changing is the name and branding.


Now, our main website, which can be found RIGHT HERE at threevoicesmedia.com, features a separate section for our articles because we don’t want to mix it up with the whole translation and linguistics business side of our company, and while not all the kinks have been worked out yet the plan is that everything I write here will show up there as well, possibly before it’s published here. You see, for the first time ever, I’m actually getting paid to write this barely coherent nonsense! Not only that, but I’m also getting paid for binge-watching Mystery Science Theater 3000 and writing about that on the 3VM Articles site. That is as close to living the dream as I’m likely to get.

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