Update: Still not dead

Hey there!

I realize I haven’t been writing a lot of stuff for the Labs lately. I apologize for that, and it kind of bums me out as well because I’ve got so much stuff I want to write about but simply haven’t had the time or energy. Basically, these last few months have been a bit of a rollercoaster as I’ve been having some really good times but also those I’d classify as some of the worst I’ve ever experienced in my personal life, all the while being busy setting up a media company with a couple of friends and also trying (and failing miserably) to find the energy to put together my Master’s thesis before the end of 2017. Writing overly lengthy articles about old video games simply hasn’t been among my top priorities as of late.

Pictured: Me about a week ago

Now, that does not mean I’ve been completely inactive on the content-creating front. Over on the Something Awful forums, I’ve finished my Let’s Play of Jade Empire, and I also have two ongoing LPs of The Witcher and Persona 2: Innocent Sin (I was just supposed to capture footage for the article, and it turned into a full Let’s Play project) that I’ve been working on when I’ve found some spare time and haven’t felt like spending that time staring blankly at the wall.

Once the company is up and running, hopefully before the end of this year, things should calm down a bit. My personal and academic life will probably remain a goddamn mess, but that’s something I’m quite used to.

Oh yeah, I decided to give the site a makeover with a new theme. I hope you like the new look, but if you don’t, yell at me in the comments or on Twitter (@DocM_3VM).

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